Ensuring Adequate Home Insurance Coverage Amid Housing Market Inflation: A Must for Disaster Preparedness

In these uncertain times, it is always advisable to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. As homeowners, one crucial aspect of this preparation includes reviewing your home insurance policy with your insurance agent to ensure it provides sufficient coverage, especially considering the ongoing housing market inflation. This blog post aims to educate you on the importance […]

Happy Independence Day and Pioneer Day

Fireworks Safety and Wildfire Concerns July is here and that means celebrations and fireworks! Barbecues with hot dogs and burgers! Family and friends coming for parties. It also means wildfires from people being careless, or just from the hot hot weather. Let’s take a look at what’s already going on here in Utah. Four Currently […]

Preparing For Wildfire Evacuation in Cache Valley

Summer Is On The Way While winter might be house fire season, summer is wildfire season and it’s coming. It hasn’t even got hot yet, but already Utah’s governor has declared this year’s drought situation worthy of a state of emergency. We can count on tight water restrictions and probably hot temperatures from June to […]

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Vent Bathroom Exhaust Into Your Attic In Utah

Bathroom Exhaust What is bathroom exhaust? Well, it’s any air from your bathroom drawn out through a vent and exhausted out of the room.  Building codes require most bathrooms to have a fan that draws air out of the room. This is often used for showers to prevent condensation, but has other functions as well. […]

4 Winter Problems You Should Watch Out For

Winter Problems For Utah As I write this up, I look out the window and see the snow coming down. Winter is coming. Winter brings problems. Are you ready to deal with them? If not, you may find yourself needing our help fixing them. If you want to avoid needing to repair your home, here’s […]

Fireworks Cause Fires In Utah

Celebrate With Fireworks! All through the month of July, we’ll be setting off fireworks to celebrate Independence Day and Pioneer day. While it is legal to set off fireworks during July, keep in mind that many fires are accidentally started at home. As we’re entering the yearly summer drought, the danger of fire is getting […]

Increase in Kitchen and Grease Fires in Utah and Idaho

Uptick in Kitchen and Grease Fires Last winter, we posted an article on common types of fires we see in the winter. Well, since the outbreak of Covid-19, kitchen and grease fires have become the most common type of fire we encounter. I suppose it makes sense. With the social distancing and stay-at-home guidelines in […]

Best Practices for Reopening Businesses

Reopening Businesses Starts Soon The process of reopening businesses is starting soon. In some places – those least hit by the pandemic – cities have already started reopening businesses in hopes of speeding up economic recovery. A slow down in new cases doesn’t mean the virus has disappeared, however. Viruses are persistent and continue to […]

Have You Got Rid of the Winter Funk?

Winter Is Over, Right? I look out the window and what do I see? Not popcorn popping on the apricot tree, but snow. SNOW! Winter is over, isn’t it? Well, apparently the weather didn’t get the memo. On the subject of winter, though, have you got rid of the winter funk yet? Well, here’s three […]

Winter Problems to Watch For in Cache Valley

Winter Problems You Can Expect This Year Winter has come to Cache Valley. The snow has fallen, the temperature with it, and Adrian still won’t return your snowblower. Every season has its problems to watch for. All of these can cause damage to your home and while we can fix it, it’s better to avoid […]