fireworksCelebrate With Fireworks!

All through the month of July, we’ll be setting off fireworks to celebrate Independence Day and Pioneer day. While it is legal to set off fireworks during July, keep in mind that many fires are accidentally started at home. As we’re entering the yearly summer drought, the danger of fire is getting higher and higher every day but why are home fires increasing with fireworks? Already, we’ve had fires caused by mishandled fireworks.

What Happened?

The first fire this month happened in the mountains in Lehi, causing the evacuation of multiple neighborhoods. This happened at the end of June.  Although the evacuation order has been lifted, the damage it did to the environment where it started is pretty substantial.

The second fire happened when some used fireworks were put into a dumpster that was next to a house. The fireworks were still hot and smoldered in the garbage for an hour before causing it to catch fire, damaging a business. Another fire damaged two homes when some kids put used sparklers in a garbage can. After the garbage caught on fire, it climbed up the side of the house into the attic. Resulting large losses including the vehicles.  Luckily they had insurance, but the hassle of it all will not be fun.

What Can We Do?

We’ve already talked about the importance of fireworks safety here, but it’s good to review it again. Take a look at our article on the subject for a quick refresher. It’s also important to know where you can and can’t light fireworks.

How To Dispose of Fireworks Safely

fireworks disposalA key aspect of safely handling fireworks is knowing how to dispose of them safely. It’s pretty easy, honestly. First, you fill a bucket with water. The bucket needs to be large enough to hold the whole firework. After you’ve set the firework off and it’s finished sizzling, let it sit overnight. Then you simply need to dunk the whole thing in the bucket.  Let the firework soak for a good minute to be sure it’s safe. Afterward, you can put it in a garbage bag and dispose of it normally.  Never dunk fireworks in a natural body of water, as the chemicals and metals in them can be toxic.

It’s important to soak fireworks that don’t go off, too. Sometimes, faults in the device’s making will cause it to go off on a delay. The delay can be a surprisingly long time, or it can be a short one. Either way, do not attempt to relight a firework that hasn’t gone off, as it may explode in your face. If it doesn’t go off, spray it with a hose before attempting to put it in a bucket, as it may still go off.

What If Fire Damage Occurs

If you follow the safety guidelines we’ve outlined, you shouldn’t have any trouble with fireworks. Even so, accidents can still happen. If any of your celebrations do cause fires that damage your home or business, Alpine Cleaning and Restoration is ready to help. We do full-service restoration with a no smoke-smell guarantee. We work closely with your insurance company to make sure you get the most out of your money. If there’s any trouble at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re one all whenever you need us.