Our Fire-Damage Restoration Process

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Fixing Fire Damage

Here at Alpine Cleaning and Restoration, we pride ourselves on how well we can clean up damage from smoke and fire. Our facility is fully equipped to clean up nearly every type of item in your house. We have a video tour of the our facility which you can watch by clicking the link above, but here’s a quick run-down of the restoration process for you.

Laundry Facility

You want to get back on your feet as quickly as possible and for that, you need your removing all traces of smoke damageclothes. That’s why we do laundry first. We have a variety of appliances for cleaning clothes, from standard washing machines to steam cleaners. The water we use to clean has special enzymes in it to help break down the soot and smoke residue for a more complete clean. For dry-clean only, we have arrangements with dry cleaning companies. We clean it up and return it to you as soon as we can so you don’t have to worry about buying new clothes for yourself while we restore the rest of your possessions.

The Large Wash Bay

This area of our facility is for cleaning large objects like lawn mowers. We use deionised, Reverse-Osmosis water – meaning water that has no minerals in it and it can’t cary an electrical charge – to clean them. This insures that there’s no residue left on the object after it’s been cleaned. The deionised water lets us clean off large electrical equipment as well, such as big-screen tvs and power tools.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Station

Our ultrasonic cleaning station works for a variety of items. We start with a pre-rinse. Objects are placed in a basket and dunked into a tank for a short period of time to get the loose soot and dirt off of it. Afterward, we use our ultrasonic cleaner. The ultrasonic cleaner uses high-frequency sound waves to generate cavitation bubbles. These bubbles implode when they come into contact with any hard surface and the force of that implosion draws soot and residue from the object. This has the advantage of cleaning parts that would be difficult to do by normal means, such as the insides of and spaces between the pegs of lego bricks. After it’s been run through the ultrasonic cleaner, it’s given a second rinse in R-O water to make sure that no minerals cling to the object.

Electronics Cleaning

Electronics CleaningFor electronic components, we have a special cleaning methods. To prevent damage during restoration process, we first remove all power sources (batteries). We use a light sprayer with LPH1, which breaks down soot. Then we scrub them out and rinse them off again. After cleaning, we put them in a drying room for 8 hours to make sure they’re absolutely dry. We then test them in a static-free environment to make sure that they still work.

Hand Cleaning

There are a few things that have to be hand cleaned. These include things that cannot be get wet, such as books, or that have a lot of complicated surfaces, like antique furniture. We use a variety of tools, from sponges and rags, to vacuum cleaners and compressed air blowers. If we have to, we’ll even use q-tips to clean out the tiny spaces. We make sure we get every surface, from top to bottom. It’s time consuming work, but sometimes it’s the only way to clean up your possessions.

The Drying Room

The drying room is an environment-controlled room. We use dehumidifiers and warm temperatures in this room to remove the moisture from the restoration process.

The Ozone Room

After we clean and your possessions, we take them to the ozone room. The ozone room helps deodorize your possessions. It’s a big part of why we have a no smoke-smell guarantee.


Once we’ve got everything cleaned, we put it into the vault for storage.  Our surveilance cameras monitor the vaults 24/7; nothing gets removed without us knowing about it. We keep detailed records of everything in our database, including what we put in the vault and where it’s located. The database helps use know where everything is. If you need a particular item before we get everything cleaned, we can retrieve it for you so you don’t have to wait.

We’re the Experts

fire damage restoration processWe have over 20 years of experience doing fire restoration work. We pride ourselves on being able to clean up objects that other companies would simply throw away. Although it is possible for things to get damaged beyond repair, our thorough fire damage restoration process gets more cleaned up than any other company out there. After we’re done, you won’t even be able to tell there’d ever been a fire in the first place.

We also do everything we can to work with your insurance company so that you get the best price for the services. You’ll find that with our help, you can get more for your coverage than anywhere else.

If you ever face a fire, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll be there to help you get things back to normal in no time.