Best Practices for Reopening Businesses

Reopening Businesses Starts Soon The process of reopening businesses is starting soon. In some places – those least hit by the pandemic – cities have already started reopening businesses in hopes of speeding up economic recovery. A slow down in new cases doesn’t mean the virus has disappeared, however. Viruses are persistent and continue to […]

Have You Got Rid of the Winter Funk?

Winter Is Over, Right? I look out the window and what do I see? Not popcorn popping on the apricot tree, but snow. SNOW! Winter is over, isn’t it? Well, apparently the weather didn’t get the memo. On the subject of winter, though, have you got rid of the winter funk yet? Well, here’s three […]

Flooding and Water Damage? We’ve Got You Covered!

Spring is one of my favorite times of year. It’s not as hot as summer, not as cold as winter, and the increasing sunlight just makes me feel good. Spring isn’t all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, however; the melting snow also causes flooding. Water damage is one of the most costly and time consuming types […]

Is Your Mold Removal Job Being Done Right?

Complete Mold Removal We all know how bad mold is. Not only does it look terrible, but it causes allergic reactions and can even have long-term detrimental effects on your health. As Cache Valley’s top restoration company, mold removal is one of our primary services. We’ve talked at length about ways to prevent mold, which […]

Fluke Fart Fan Fire

For all our talk about fire safety in the past, mistakes happen. Fires can have strange causes, so sometimes we get weird jobs.  Okay, perhaps to call it a strange case is a bit much, as there’s nothing all that unusual about it. Mostly, it’s the name of the cause that stands out.  It started […]

Winter Problems to Watch For in Cache Valley

Winter Problems You Can Expect This Year Winter has come to Cache Valley. The snow has fallen, the temperature with it, and Adrian still won’t return your snowblower. Every season has its problems to watch for. All of these can cause damage to your home and while we can fix it, it’s better to avoid […]

Our Fire-Damage Restoration Process

See Our Video Tour Fixing Fire Damage Here at Alpine Cleaning and Restoration, we pride ourselves on how well we can clean up damage from smoke and fire. Our facility is fully equipped to clean up nearly every type of item in your house. We have a video tour of the our facility which you […]

3 Common, Preventable House Fires

Tis the Season of Fire Thanks to California routinely catching fire in the summer months, a lot of people think of Summer as fire season. The reality is that most fires – especially house fires – occur during the winter. Why? Well, it’s actually obvious once you think about it. The cold weather that makes […]

Why Insurance Matters & How To Save The Most From A Fire

3-Alarm Fire! Earlier this year, there was a fire at an apartment complex in Layton Utah. It displaced 23 families and caused an estimated $2 million in damage. Fire fighters still aren’t entirely certain what caused the fire, but the cause really doesn’t matter. What matters is the families who now have to begin the […]

Hay Fire

Hay Fire in Cornish A little more than a week ago, there was a hay fire in Cornish, Utah.  Although there were no injuries and the cows nearby were saved from danger, 350 tons of hay were destroyed.  How could this happen?  The answer is spontaneous combustion. Spontaneous Combustion? Yup.  It just goes up in […]