Fire Restoration Jobs in Utah

house fireIncreasing Number of House Fires

This year, we’ve been seeing an increasing number of house fires that we’re called in for restoration jobs on. These are some of the causes we’ve seen in the fire restoration jobs we’ve had this summer.

Causes of Some of Our Most Recent Fire Restoration Jobs

1. Exploding Hoverboard Battery

In the Salt Lake City area, a woman walked into her living room where a hoverboard battery was charging. With no warning, the battery exploded in flames, causing serious damage to the room. Although we don’t know why this particular battery exploded, this does appear to be a known issue which can happen for several reasons. Please make sure you’re using your device carefully.

2. Tesla Battery Fire

This one happened in Layton. A Tesla car battery caught fire and burned the car and the surrounding area. No word yet on what caused this one and we don’t want to speculate. Just as with the hoverboard battery, we encourage everyone to make sure you’re using your devices properly.

3. Overloading Circuits

We’ve had a couple of cases of this one this summer. Poor quality contractors improperly wired circuits, causing them to overload and catch fire. In other cases, people would use multiple power strips plugged into a single socket and then plug too many appliances and devices into those strips. Be sure to avoid plugging too many things into a single socket and double check the history of the company you’re hiring to wire your home.

4. Arson

This is the scary one. We’ve had multiple cases of arson around Utah. The exact motive varies from case to case, but several buildings were intentionally burned this summer. There’s not much you can do about this one, aside from keeping your eyes open for suspicious activity.

5. Cluttered Yards

Not exactly a cause of fire, but a common thread we saw in houses that were severely damaged by fire. Cluttered yards and outbuildings make it difficult for firefighters to access burning areas of your home. This slows down their response, giving the fire more time to damage your home. Please try to keep your yard clean so firefighters can do their job.

Are You Insured?

The worst part of this summer has been all the times we’ve seen our customers discover their insurance didn’t properly cover the restoration job. Either they didn’t have a fire insurance policy, or they didn’t know what their options were when signing up, or just didn’t have enough coverage in the package they bought. The end result was a much harder time for us getting them the best fire restoration job we possibly could. We do our best, but we can only get so much if the insurance company simply refuses to pay out. Free Advice has some good advice to follow when buying insurance.

In addition to that, we would encourage everyone to check with their insurance companies and make sure they’re covered in the event of a fire and how good the coverage is. You can always upgrade your policy if it isn’t enough.

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Make sure you follow all the fire safety guidelines for both house fires and wildfires to protect yourself. We hope that nobody has to get a fire restoration job from us, but as this summer has shown us, the worst can always happen. If something should go wrong, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We have lots of experience with fire damage restoration and access to the best tools to get you the most restoration possible.