Bear Lake Monster WinterfestJoin The Fun!

Alpine Cleaning is helping sponsor the Bear Lake Monster Winterfest this year! The event will be taking place January 22-24 at the Bear Lake State Marina and Sunrise Resort & Event Center. This non-profit event will be donating money to The Family Place. If you want to support a good cause, feel free to sign up at their website.

What Will We Be Doing?

There are tons of events at this event. The most famous is the Monster Plunge, where you jump into Bear Lake’s freezing water. Why? Insanity perhaps. But it’s for a good cause! And you get a hoodie for your troubles!

Other events include winter sports, cook-offs, booths, dinners from fancy restaurants, kiddie games and more! Some are free, some will cost money, but all are a good time. If you sign up early, you’ll get a discount, so don’t delay. The Marina will be waiving the usual entrance fee for anyone participating in the Bear Lake Monster Winterfest. Discounted prices on lodgings from the other groups sponsoring the events are available. Their website has the full details of all their events.

What About Covid-19?

Ah, yes, the virus. That’s a concern, but don’t worry, the committee is taking every precaution. The event locations will be either outdoors, or sterilized against infection beforehand. Hand sanitizing stations will be provided and major events will be staggered so people will not have to be in close contact with each other. Social distancing will also be enforced, as will the mask mandate. Be sure you bring your mask. Please stay home if you are feeling sick. If someone shows up and is clearly showing Covid symptoms, they will be invited to leave. If you have any questions about the Covid-19 restrictions, or the events, feel free to contact them to ask.

Is Your Home Ready For Winter?

Ice Dam: one of many winter problems people face in Cache Valley

Image copyright: Dennis M. Crookshanks

While we have your attention, don’t forget it’s winter. That means extra steps to take care of your house. Our most recent article talks about 4 winter problems you should watch for.  We also have a handy list of 10 tips to winterize your home to look at. If you haven’t made sure these are done, you should get on that now, before any big snowstorms hit.

Need Us For Anything?

We hope everything’s going good, but if it’s not, we’re ready to help. Our cleaning and restoration services – now including electrostatic disinfection services for Covid-19 – are at your disposal. If there’s anything we can help you with, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

We hope to see you this year at the Bear Lake Monster Winterfest! It’ll be loads of fun!